A.I.C. - Identity
Academy of Institutions and Cultures, is a self-governed Scientific Agency associated with its actions with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – with Polytechnic School and School of Sciences.

It operates as a network of Academics in the international University Area, with its main constitutive purpose, the development of interdisciplinary research and the advancement of the History and Philosophy of Science. Its members are Academics and Members of Academies of Sciences, from around the world. It promotes its objectives through its Scientific Publications, its Conferences and other relevant methods. Its Members have been involved in many years of study and research of Hellenistic, Greco-Roman and Byzantine Science and Technology and have reconstructed, accurate and functional copies of the Antikythera Mechanism, portable Solar Watches, Astrologers, Astronomy, and a host of other ancient Time and Universe Meters.

Academy of Institutions and Cultures, publishes in Greek and English, the authoritative scientific journals, Stoa of Sciences, Papyri and Macedonian Studies Journal.

It has also established the institution of the annual award of the Ecumenical Hellenism EFSIMON, to personalities of the international scientific and intellectual sphere, contributing in an innovative manner to the promotion of Research, Education and Humanism.

The Partners of the Academy of Institutions and Cultures, characterized by the valuable vision of an Ecumenical Education, serve the necessity of preserving the diversity of Languages and Cultures. For that reason, in all the scientific events that it itself routes and directs, encourages the equal use of the main languages of European Culture.