A.I.C. - Rigas Ferraios, Ioannis Capodistrias, Francisco de Miranda
Rigas Ferraios, Ioannis Capodistrias, Francisco de Miranda
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The Venezuelan, Francisco de Miranda (Sebastian Francisco de Miranda , 1750 - 1816) is considered a prominent figure of the Latin American Liberation Movement , “precursor” of Simon Bolivar. In the Spanish-speaking world, he was considered as one of the most important representatives of the ideas of both the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

His association with the Greek world started by studying Ancient Greek authors and, especially, those viewed as “prophets “ of modern Western Democracy. On the other hand, Miranda’s encounter with Modern Hellenism took place in 1789, in a visit to Greece during a much discussed trip in Western Europe with destination the Great Catherine’s Russia. He recorded the impressions from this itinerary in his diary . This text should not only be appreciated as a paradigm of the trip literature , but also as a token of a life-experience as well as philhellenic relation with the Greek World; both Ancient and Modern. It was, actually, in the Greek world that Miranda was looking for the symbols of the Latin American independence.

These texts are available to the Greek public thanks to an annotated edition by the Chilean Hellenist Miguel Castillo Didier and a Greek translation published by the Embassy of Venezuela in Greece.