A.I.C. - Α' Symposium: New Technologies in Service to Our Knowledge of Antiquity
Α' Symposium: New Technologies in Service to Our Knowledge of Antiquity

And all things that can be known contain number; without this nothing could be thought or known
(Philolaus, Fr. 4: Stobaeus Anth. I, 21, 7b)

The old Pythagorean doctrine that numbers underlie our knowledge of the world is proved by the great progress of technology in the last years of the past century, which opened new perspectives of research in all fields of knowledge. The cognitive base of all progress is Mathematics and their applications, as all things are designed and constructed according to specifications expressed by mathematical formulas.

Especially the rise of computer technology enabled the construction of appropriate digital models for the study of various physical phenomena in present, past and future. The use of New Technologies by scientists of various disciplines in their research to understand the ancient world, implies an interdisciplinary collaboration, which is absolutely necessary, if we wish to know the past of the earth, of our life and civilization.

This Symposium aims to our acquaintance with some of the new methods of research and their achievements in the understanding of the ancient world.

The Maritime Geo-archaeology can simulate the changes of the submarine crust of the earth through the centuries so that we can study the geological environment of submarine archaeological sites. Modern geodetic methods are used in the study of the astronomical orientation of monuments and their chronology. The most modern instruments of new technologies are used for modeling, simulation, investigation and reconstruction of accurate and operational copies of archaeological findings, as that of the Antikythera Mechanism. New methods based on new technologies are also used in the conservation of our cultural heritage (e.g. icons, manuscripts). Finally, the digitalization of ancient texts accompanied by interdisciplinary commentaries on them, with the possibility of continuous addition of new comments, opens new horizons in their research, study and understanding.