A.I.C. - Honorary Award of Ecumenical Hellenism
Honorary Award of Ecumenical Hellenism
The Academy of Institutions and Cultures establishes as an institution the bestowal of the “Award of Ecumenical Hellenism”, whose grant shall take place each year in the city of Thessaloniki and shall be offered to two personalities, who, due to their total activity in the international field of Science and Thought, have served the value system of the Hellenic Ecumenism and have promoted as values of the Global Civilization the Scientific Research and Humanism. Decisive for the bestowal of the award is the recognition that the granted personality excelled in life, according to the emblematic proverb of Heraclitus, ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων.

The bestowed Award carries the image of the accurate and operating copy of the portable Sundial of Philippi, of the 450 AD, which is the development of earlier portable Clocks of the Hellenistic Era. The Sundial of Philippi is a complex instrument, which determines the hour, the geographical latitude, as well as the altitude and the azimuth of the Sun or another star and the distance between stars by pointing the instrument at a region of the sky.

From the Award the Members of the Academy of Institutions and Cultures are excluded.